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"RF lectures" contains - for easier reference - some lectures prepared by Erk Jensen for the CERN accelerator schools and similar

Zeegse 2005: CAS on "Small Accelerators", lecture "RF for Linacs"

Daresbury 2007: CAS General Accelerator Physics course "Intermediate level"

Divonne 2009: Introduction to Accelerator Physics for CERN staff: Lectures "RF I" and "RF II"

The Powerpoint-version of the files (with the animations) are available here: RF1.zip, RF2.zip.

Bad Honnef 2009 (in German): DPG Schule "Beschleuniger- und Hochenergiephysik",
Vorlesung "Der LHC, Teil I: Die Beschleuniger der LHC Injektor-Kette"

Ebeltoft 2010: CAS RF  - updated 19-Jun-2010!

Cavity Basics

Numerical Methods

Superfish Exercise

To download Poisson/Superfish, follow this link!

To use the Superfish files below, right-click and "save as"...

Exercise, before tuning: test0.af, test0.seg

Exercise, after tuning: test.af, test.seg

80 MHz cavity: gap51.af, gap51.seg

3 GHz travelling wave structure: DBA.af, Mathematica-notebook

Varna 2010

RF Cavities (with the animations).

IET Extreme Electromagnetics Event, 29.11.2010, Warton/Lanc./UK

Summer Student Lecture 2012: LHC Upgrade Part 4: RF System of the LHC Upgrade, CERN

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